Professional profile

My name is Amparo Ferrando, alias The Seeker; a journalist by trade, my passion is writing.

I am a tireless seeker of impressions, connections and inspirations, wherever they may be; I live in this world and, to paraphrase the Greek poet Terence, “I am human, so nothing of human interest can be alien to me”.

I am here to help with any project that might bring us together on this journey.


I transform your words into stories, ideas, products and services.

I write on commission and I write about what I love, for myself and for others, for sheer pleasure and for sharing, for disseminating information. It’s all about communication.

Never underestimate the power of a good text.

Clear ideas, good grammar and perfect spelling: our texts speak on our behalf. Whatever the field in question, the aim is to reflect it in accurate, polished prose.

I check your writing to ensure that your communications are both precise and engaging.

I have extensive experience as a communicator in different media: printed, digital and advertising, covering both the information and the circumstances in which it is generated, in a light-hearted or serious tone, depending on your requirements.

I act as an intermediary between my clients and their audience, whatever the target market: institutional, business, social networks or the conventional media. A bespoke service.

In either of these two worlds, the goal is the same: to convey something about ourselves. Ideas – which are the starting point of everything – are the best way of disseminating this information.

I have the gift of transmitting enthusiasm and I get fully involved in my client’s project in order to disseminate their message. Today, this is done by taking advantage of the viral effect of social networks. I come up with bespoke solutions that reflect the perspective of the world in which my clients move with the utmost skill, taste and discretion.

I have a portfolio of excellent freelance professionals (photographers, designers, website developers, translators, etc.) to round off the chain of communication that each project requires.

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